IMG_8261We are two sisters living in Varanasi; one of the ancient surviving cities of the world.  We completed our studies from Scandinavia, and have studied and worked in India and Europe in the field of development, innovation, art, and tourism.

Assuwa is a social enterprise and was born as a desire to build a creative space in Varanasi, where we both can nurture our interests. Our vision is to identify and utilize the skills of villagers; especially marginalized women and youth, design with natural materials, promote sustainable living, and conserve traditional art/textile making techniques.

Nature keeps inspiring us, and here at Assuwa we incorporate a minimalist approach to create products that are beautiful and healthy, yet pose minimum impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. The aim is to help artisans keep their traditional art/skill alive and proudly earn their livelihood, without resorting to alternative jobs or contemplating urban migration. We also facilitate dialogue, new methods, and cultural exchange to spur knowledge, inspiration, and inclusivity between diverse groups of people.

At the moment, Assuwa works with two groups of women from the marginalised community in Varanasi, many of whom are differently abled and formerly homeless. You can buy our products from Etsy webshop https://www.etsy.com/in-en/shop/Assuwa or contact us directly for a custom order.


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